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You CAN do all things, just enter stillness & find Silence




Where did all those DOs & DON'Ts come from?




Holy Spirit and the Church

       As this reinterpretation emerged, it became, and remains, a mystery of what was missing from Jesus‘ first words as He left the empty tomb (John 20:22) It is truly amazing that He simply charged everyone to receive the Holy Spirit, and be open and receptive to Its gifts for them. Did He choose to lay out specific, undeniable instructions on how to have church? No. Did He indicate specifically what doctrines to teach? No. What about all of the dos and don'ts that crept into the

modern church, did He indicate their necessity to live righteously? No, He did not do that! He did not give them any warnings about what to be sure not to do.

Obviously, He knew all that one needs is to receive daily from Spirit—this must be

the most important message for humanity. That message leaves the Holy Spirit as the new personal Master Teacher of the spiritual life—not the church and not some doctrine or set of rules and regulations.

Thus, the Holy Spirit took its rightful place of power on the Earth. In His glorified body, Jesus visited and sat with those who loved Him and cherished His words (Luke 24:36-49, Mark 16). As they sat in

amazement and wonder of the resurrected Son of God, Jesus tells them to receive the Holy Ghost and that the sins of those that they forgive are

forgiven, and those that they do not forgive, their sins are not forgiven. Jesus gave common man the power to forgive sins through the gift of the Holy Ghost.

No longer did God solely hold the power to forgive sin. However, the power that

they were to receive brought an amazing ability for them to escape death to live free of the world. The Holy Spirit was to be their Comforter, Healer, Teacher, Counselor, and the Giver of the gifts of Spirit.


As natural as breathing!




"As evidenced by the history of all

religions, mankind seems to

compulsively work to complicate the

spiritual life of living in harmony with

God, a relating that is as natural as


The Two Agreements: A Good News Story For Our Time

S.L. Brannon

S.L. Brannon on DBSA Life Unlimited web site


The Two Agreements fb page



I have my own truth, you do also




"Each of us has our own truth. If your truth is like mine, it is malleable, rather than fixed in stone. My truth changes as

downloads and new revelations are given to me either in my dream state, after speaking, signing, or writing in light

language, or through my daily experiences. Our collective consciousness is changing as our beliefs, thoughts, and patterns are transforming to allow the body to shift out of its dense state and embody more of our higher or divine self. I would not want to be stuck in one belief system or be bound to what I believed yesterday. It is this kind of openness that allows us to make changes and progress in our personal ascension. Therefore, what you have read in some of my previous books may be different from what you read in this book."

Excerpt from:

Light Language Emerging

Author, Yvonne Perry

My beliefs are much the same as Yvonne's. I believe what I choose to believe. That is my truth, no material where I got my building materials. I own it. My truth is peculiar to me. Also, I change these beliefs as Spirit presents new knowledge to me.

What is truth for me today will not be truth for me tomorrow.


Why speaking your personal truth can hurt