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Read my book and be challenged by it!




"I trust you are challenged by the reinterpretation of The Two Agreements to step beyond a limited life imposed on you by religion. With the reinterpretation, we leave the separation of saints and sinners behind and embrace inclusion of all humanity regardless of race, religion, past “crimes,” or other demographic barriers. All humans are children of God growing into maturity of oneness in the unnamable One. Our gaining spiritual maturity makes it possible to live from the Christ mind.

And living from the Christ mind, we reserve judgment.

Consequently, when we believe we are being judged by others, it causes pain and suffering. It causes fear of eternal separation from God. It causes guilt for not being spiritual enough to go to heaven. It causes shame for being an imperfect human. We do not have to be controlled by fear when we perceive others are judging us. We can choose to react as Jesus did by turning the other cheek."

The Two Agreements: A Good News Story for Our Time

S.L. Brannon

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As natural as breathing!




"As evidenced by the history of all

religions, mankind seems to

compulsively work to complicate the

spiritual life of living in harmony with

God, a relating that is as natural as


The Two Agreements: A Good News Story For Our Time

S.L. Brannon

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We can choose to go directly to the see




The divine is the sea. All religions are rivers leading to the sea. Some rivers wind a great deal. Why not go to the sea directly?

                                  ~ Mother Meera


God is not "complicated"




Being a follower of Jesus is difficult in the present day. As evidenced by the history of all religions, mankind seems to compulsively work to complicate the spiritual life of living in harmony with God, a relating that is as natural as



Rick Perry sings his wonderful song about being in Oneness




a practical mystic life support system





         Every culture in the world has certain norms that govern everything from personal relationships to religious practices and political views. These norms shift depending on the times and places in which we live; however we are always expected to conform to them. Those who do not often find themselves subject to a painful, even paralyzing, stigma.

       There are two of these nonconforming groups who I have found to be particularly stigmatized: those suffering from mental illness and those who consider themselves “Spiritual But Not Religious” (SBNR). I know about both of these by personal experience. I am a person who lives with depression and lives a spiritual life unattached from organized religion. Despite the fact that a growing number, nearly 20%, of Americans are identifying themselves as SBNR, they are consistently branded as heretics and “non-believers”.    

       How can this be? Religious texts and leaders proclaim that God/Source/the Creator loves us all unconditionally, yet it seems that this message is often followed up with—you guessed it—conditions! We either don’t believe enough or the right way, and that’s why we’re not getting what we want in this life and why we won’t end up in heaven in the next.

       The real issue, I contend, is the continued practice of viewing those who differ from us as “other”. It’s an exclusivity game—we belong, you don’t. Christ’s mission on earth was to help us understand that we are all of the same Source energy. We are all loved just as we are, and all entitled to heaven, just as we are. Yet (and I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular), instead of embracing people across the spectrum of spiritual beliefs, we allow norms to divide us. On the largest scale, this leads to conflicts between the world’s three major religions; on a smaller scale, it leads to the stigmatization of people who do not follow the rules.  

       We must push back against stigmas—that is a given. In the meantime, however, we also must seek out and cultivate what I call the “understanding family”. This is a group of people who accept, love and support us no matter what. It can be the family we are born into or the one we make for ourselves, but they are critical to our mental, spiritual and even physical wellbeing.

       Many of us take this support system for granted, especially when our lives are going well. It consists of our spouses, parents, friends or religious community. However, it is when we suddenly find ourselves on the fringes of society that we must sometimes seek out a new family built on common interests or struggles. They are the people who will let us know that we are not alone. They are often our only refuge from the world at large. Most importantly, they are the ones who will help us combat the most damaging stigma of all—the one we assign to ourselves.  


God is a spirit




Some need an enemy they can believe in




There are many people who seem to be unable to believe in God without, also, believing in a personal enemy. In fact, most of the people I know who believe in a personal God believe there is an opposing force working against them, against their belief. In my reinterpretation of the greatest story ever told, I identify an enemy for anyone having a need of one. The enemy I point out is not an entity roaming heaven and earth. It is civilization, the world, in which we live.

        Why see the world as our enemy? The world is a perfect enemy because it is our teacher, giving lessons from the moment of birth in how to speak and how to think and what to say and what to think, etc. In fact, humanity becomes reliant on the world to teach all that one needs to know to survive and thrive. However, the opposite lessons are taught. The world teaches that we are separate from God and one another and there is a lack of the vital things necessary for life and happiness. I call this collection of untruths the Lie. Obviously, believing the Lie works against our surviving and thriving in life. In fact, belief in these teachings sets us up for failure and a life ruled by fear.

Once entangled, how can anyone get free of the enemy? Where do we start?

        Sadly, we start so often from the wrong place and easily find ourselves in places we wish not to be. You can begin by deciding to no longer live in fear and let Spirit be your teacher. As often as you can, choose to be alone with your teacher by becoming still and entering the Silence.

        Spirit teaches that you matter. Irrespective of age, sex, social status, money, personal accomplishments, ethnic or cultural background-- you matter. So, you can refuse to be controlled by guilt, shame, and fear.

        No matter what the world teaches, Life is meant to be the celebration of your individual significance, not an endless and fruitless search for the existence of your significance. It is meant for you to take the talents, interests, and passions that are you and find a way plant the seeds that give birth to the life you deserve and were destined to live. You are a valued and important part of a larger tapestry and life is your contribution to that picture.

        Celebrate your unique significance. Nurture your talents and interests. Cherish your values and passions. Know that in caring for others you find your greatest affirmation. Know that caring for yourself and caring for others are not an opposition, but a unity that takes you deeper and deeper towards a life of real meaning and completion.

Don't chase something you already have. The days are numbered for all of us. Celebrate! Celebrate the gift of you, the gift of others and the gift of life you are given. Start at the beginning. Start unlearning your feelings of fear and feelings of lack today.